The core management team consists of a mix of entrepreneurs, corporate financiers, and operating executives who between them have a wealth of experience in developing, funding and managing businesses in CEE and other emerging markets. Where needed, project management teams are developed to focus on the specific requirements of the specific project and may include senior executives, top level political consultants, takeover specialists, legal advisors, communications and public relations advisors, and other expertise. Among the core management team are the following.

Gary Ohlbaum: Gary has over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur, advisor and investor. He has been the CEO and majority owner of one of the leading bakeries in northeastern US, which he sold in 1991. Since 1991, Gary has had extensive investment and advisory experience in CEE and other emerging markets in telecommunications, the food industry, construction, and real estate among others. He brings an unparalleled network of contacts at top levels in industry and government in the region.

Peter Michna: A seasoned executive and entrepreneur, Peter has over 30 years of financial, management and entrepreneurial experience. During the 1980’s he worked on Wall Street as Vice President at Citicorp, Scrimgeour, Vickers and at Paribas. Since 1991, Peter has focused on the CEE region where he has been a founder of one of Poland’s first boutique investment banks, and founder and director of two CEE focused private equity funds and the co-founder with Gary of the company developing the Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins franchises in CEE.
Jack Levy: With extensive experience in accounting and finance, Jack has worked for Bank of America in the US and has been in CEE since 1994. He has been the founder of Global Accounting Partners, a financial advisory services operation based in Prague providing accounting, payroll and financial advisory services to a multitude of clients in the region. He is the CFO of the Group.

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